The globalization of the economy directly affects the tax planning requirements of companies that do business around the world. Given that they are working in different jurisdictions, organizing their foreign undertakings is becoming increasingly complex. This goes hand in hand with more opportunities, but also growing risk exposure.

Our international tax law experts, who will accompany you in these endeavors, boast years of project experience acquired in the management of what we refer to as “cross-border” clients. Based on this know-how, we are your competent partners when it comes to tax planning beyond the borders of our home market. Our focus is on foreign companies that invest in Germany and we have successfully represented businesses from numerous countries in this field for many years.

In particular medium-sized foreign companies that aim to do business in Germany find themselves confronted with questions that go far beyond tax legislation. As a multi-disciplinary firm, we are poised to not only answer your tax related questions, but to also assist you with finding the ideal location and to competently support you in corporate law and balance sheet related matters.

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