• Generation of monthly payroll statements including mandatory reports
  • Checking and handling of travel expense reports
  • Handling of payroll related inquiries
  • Audits of payroll statements (salaries)


Through our sister firm – Lohn24 Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft mbH – we offer monthly payroll processing as a full-service package rendered by our compensation professionals.

The full-service package we offer allows you to pay a fixed price for every monthly payroll run that includes all related services. This means that the generation of the monthly payroll statements for wages and salaries as well as the mandatory reports, plus e.g. the review and processing of travel expense reports,  are already covered as part of the package.

Moreover, you will have access to our innovative online payroll portal for your convenience. Hence, you will have an overview of all payroll details at a glance. This system also allows your employees to quickly and easily review their payroll documentation at any time.

Today, special know-how and a vast IT infrastructure are prerequisites for the compilation of payroll statements that are correct in terms of content, while they are also cost effective and efficient.