The Teamviewer makes it possible for Consultia to externally control, smoothly support and hold online meetings. In just a few seconds, we can connect to any PC or MAC and assit you.

Consultia24 Lohn-Portal

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Consultia Disk Station (data room)

Besides integral consulting services, Consultia also offers its clients optimum IT solutions. Secure, dependable and expeditious data sharing between our clients and the firm is enormously important in today’s era of globalization. Hence, we offer an optimum data sharing interface.
The Consultia Disk Station is a practical file explorer for the organization and shared use of files archived on the Disk Station.
The Disk Station is the firm’s own server, which is integrated into the existing security structure. It is not a Cloud server.
You can conveniently log into the system via the Consultia Disk Station web login from any home or office MAC or PC and upload your files.
We also offer an APP to easily organize your files from your mobile phone or tablet. This service is free of charge for Android, iOS and the Windows Phone.
If you are interested in our integral IT services, our advisors will be happy to assist you and provide more information.